Saturday, June 14, 2014

3. Utilities

Utilities was fun to work through - these phones can sure do a lot! The two I am excited about are StandApp - it's always helpful to have a reminder to get up and move when I'm sitting at my desk - online or reading... and the Google Search. I'll be playing with these to see how they work!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

2. Mobile Device Tips

I got totally lost with this 23 Things challenge... I couldn't find the webpage with the steps and I'd been waiting for an email to tell me what to do next. I had a few major interruptions too, like the death of my mother and a trip to Oregon to check out the headstone for my in-laws, so I put the 23 Things to the back of my plate. Now that I've figured it out, I'll go through the steps even though I'll never make the deadline. It's the learning that's important to me anyway, not the deadline.

I just recently upgraded to IO7 on my iPhone 4S and this first Thing has been so helpful to me! I'm so happy to see a time stamp on the text messages now. I have always wished for that. Some of the other items I learned about are very fun, like the level! I'm excited to use that this summer as we lay a new patio. I've been checking out things in the house here. My desk is nice and level. My husbands is off by one degree. The new counter-tops are right on!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

23 Mobile Things - First Thing

I'm very excited to do 23 Mobile things! I had a lot of fun with 23 Things on a Stick and learned a lot. I have a Smart Phone but I don't think I have a clue as to what that phone can really do for me. I'm eager to learn and ready to blog.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thing 47: Evaluation

Well, it's over again and I'm a little sad. It was quite fun learning all the new tools. I have been back to 23 Things on a Stick many times since it ended and I'm sure I'll be using More Things on a Stick as a reference tool, too. I'm all done though, and I had a great time!

Thing 46: Library Junction

I am a member of Library Junction and find it very intriguing. I haven't used it a lot since I am only a substitute librarian and really don't work many hours - so I don't have much use for a lot of Web Junction - but it is fun to browse around in.

Thing 45: Cloud Computing

I was curious to find out what on earth "Cloud Computing" was, and I guess I use it all the time. I have all kinds of files and pictures and information online, so that I can access them from work or on vacation (sad to say) or at home. Anywhere! I find it really does help my productivity. The internet is a fabulous tool!

Thing 44: The Economy

I find the internet to be both helpful and disastrous for my own personal economy... I have looked at a lot of the webpages listed, and I use Yodlee quite a bit and my bank's website. I don't even write many checks any more - I do all my banking and billpaying on line, which I really like. I really like Dave Ramsey's books and website and someday I'll take his course. But the downside of the internet is that it brings impulse buying to a whole new level! Even living out in the rural area like I do with even the nearest Walmart 22 miles away, I can buy literally almost anything on earth for anywhere on earth in a matter of seconds! It's wonderful, fun and scary. It's good to have all this information at my fingertips. Now if I could just put it to good use and not find so many wonderful things out there there I didn't even know existed! I enjoy using FreeCycle and Craig's List, but my favorite site is really eBay where I sell things that I no longer need - and can't believe what some people will pay for my old junk sometimes.